Calling All Business Owners!
Stop Stressing Out Due To...
  • Risks in your business that AREN'T covered by insurance
  • Warranties that you have to pay for out of pocket
  • A massive tax bill at the end of every year
An often-overlooked section of the tax code that has been approved by both Congress and the IRS gives you the ability to protect your business from risks that you face daily such as data breach, HIPAA violations, loss of key employees and more, and simultaneously deduct over $2,000,000 on your taxes if you qualify...

Primary Benefit of a Micro Captive...

✔ Protect Your Business from Potentially Devastating Risks

Secondary Benefit of a Micro Captive...

✔ Potentially Extraordinary Tax Deductions & Opportunities

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"So... I Might be Able to Deduct Over $2 MILLION on My Taxes this Year...?"
That's right! Working in the industry that you do, your business carries lots of risks.
For example, do you...
  • Offer Warranties on Your Work? When you have to fix items based on the terms of your warranty, you're on the hook for that time and money out of pocket!
  • Handle Sensitive Client Information? What happens if there is a data breach and the information leaks? You may have some insurance to cover such an event, but is it enough?
  • Have Exposure to Damaging Lawsuits? We live in a litigious society. What would happen if you were hit with a lawsuit?
FORTUNATELY, the IRS has given SPECIFIC guidance on what you can do to protect yourself from those losses as a business owner... 
And You Get a Tax Deduction to Do It!
Whether you have risks in your business that are difficult to get adequate insurance for such as data breach, HIPAA violations and lawsuits, or you simply want a more tax-efficient way to offer warranties on your services, a Micro Captive could be a great way to protect you, your business, and your financial future. 
What's better? This Protection & Deduction is relatively simple to set up!
  •  Contact Jon Bowles to see if a Micro Captive is Right for You
  •  Get an Analysis on How Much You Can Put Into Your Captive Insurance Company
  •  File Legal Documents to Formally Set Up Captive Insurance Company
  •  Fund Captive Insurance Company Based on the Analysis
  •  Receive a Tax Deduction for the Amount Used to Fund the Captive
  •  Retain Control of Funds While in the Captive Insurance Company
  •  Used Captive Funds to Take Care of Claims as They Arise
  •  Access Your Funds in the Captive, Once They Mature, in Tax-Efficient Ways!
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